1. Many Inspectors don’t carry insurance. If there is a problem, you might be out of luck.  Gold Health and Safety carries $1 million in professional and general liability insurance.
  2. Most California mold inspectors have only a 3 day industry certification. This means minimal education in environmental health, sampling techniques, and interpreting lab results.  Dave Gold is a degreed professional and one of the highest qualified and experienced mold inspection professionals in the Southern California. 
  3. Most inspectors will recommend that you have unnecessary samples taken. Unfortunately all too often the main motivation for this is to charge the client more as mark-ups on samples can exceed 300%.  Take note: Air samples are nearly useless for finding hidden mold.  Gold Health and Safety takes only samples that are truly necessary to the job to save our clients money.
  4. Never use someone who does both inspection and remediation. It’s a huge conflict of interest and can lead to rip-offs.  Gold Health and Safety only performs inspections, and does not accept any form of referral fees from mold remediators.
  5. All mold remediation companies are not equal. The quality of their work varies immensely. Get a referral from a qualified inspector with a good reputation.  Gold Health and Safety only refers high quality and trustworthy mold remediators.
  6. Removing walls isn’t always necessary when you have a mold problem. Beware if you are told you need to demolition by a remediator if you haven’t had an inspection first.  Gold Health and Safety saves clients money by finding where mold is first.  We provide a written Scope of Work so that your problem is surgically removed, without unnecessary demolition.
  7. Science doesn’t support that airborne mold toxins are truly a hazard. Calling mold “toxic” is a fear tactic to motivate you to spend more money on a mold problem.  Stay clear of alarmists! Keep in mind however, any mold can cause allergies, asthma and other health disorders. So, while you don’t need to be afraid of mold, you DO NEED TO DEAL with it promptly.  Gold Health and Safety never tells clients that they have “toxic mold.”