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Current Mold Investigations Price List

Current Consulting Services Price List

Agreement – Receipt for Mold Investigations

Agreement – Receipt for Non-Mold Consulting

Full Consulting Services Agreement

Sample of an Indoor Air Quality Report

Sample of a Mold Summary Report

Sample of a Mold Post-Remediation Report

Sample of a Noise Monitoring Report

Sample of an Industrial Hygiene Sampling Report

IAQ Test Menu

Sources of Information

Environmental Microbiology Labs

Good information about mold, species, etc.

California DHS—Mold In Your Home

Decent page about mold in your home….except we disagree with some of the statements about testing.

California Dept. of Public Health – Statement on Mold and Damp Buildings

Information about mold and health effects from the California Dept. of Public Health.

NTP Mold Document

A paper from the National Toxicology Program regarding mold and ongoing research.

NIOSH Damp Buildings Pamphlet

Pamphlet from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health about dealing with damp buildings and mold issues.

L.A. Weekly Mold Article

Great article from L.A. Weekly newspaper about the hype and realities of the toxic mold scare.