Industrial Hygiene Services

Gold Health and Safety has been performing industrial hygiene surveys since 1985.  Our staff includes an ABIH Certified Industrial Hygienist.  We are experienced in performing industrial hygiene services of many types, including air sampling of virtually any kind, as well as occupational noise surveys and ventilation studies.  We have provided these services to a variety of business in many types of settings.

Our Services Include:

  • Initial Industrial hygiene assessments – helping employers determine what health hazards may be present that need sampling
  • Air sampling for workplace chemical exposure – such as solvents, lead, hexavalent chromium, silica, acids, dusts, welding fumes….you name it, we can sample it.
  • Surface sampling for chemical contamination
  • Noise surveys and personal noise dosimetry
  • Ventilation rate studies – Cal-OSHA annual ventilation/duct exhaust rate report
  • Lighting level surveys
  • Clandestine/illicit drug lab contamination sampling and investigations and clean-up support  

  • Lead Based Paint contamination investigations
  • Pesticide contamination surveys
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan development and implementation for Pharma firms
  • Safety Data Sheet authoring
  • Hazardous Chemical Inventories
  • Fit testing and training for N95 respirators for health care professionals and workers 
  • Worker’s Compensation Claims Investigations
  • Health and Safety Plan development and/or review and approval (IIPP, Respirator Plans, Hazard Communication, etc.)

For a sample of a typical industrial hygiene report,  click here.

For a sample of a typical noise monitoring report,  click here.