Mold Investigation Services

Got Mold???  Call Gold!!!

Our Mold Services Include:

  • Mold Assessments/Investigations
  • Independent, Impartial Opinions – Absolutely no Conflicts of Interest
  • Wall Cavity Investigation via Video Borescope
  • Moisture Meter Survey
  • Infrared Thermography Camera Investigation
  • Mold Samples (Air and Surface) as Necessary
  • Independent, Certified Laboratory Analysis
  • Post-Remediation Inspections (i.e., Clearances)
  • Remediation Coordination and Project Management
  • Mold Expert Witness and Case Consultation

Gold Health and Safety Consulting specializes in conducting mold investigations. We have performed literally thousands of investigations. We are one of the most experienced mold investigation firms, performing investigations in L.A. County and beyond since 1996.  We’ll help you solve your problems and return your building to normal in a pragmatic, cost-effective manner and without the hype or scare tactics.

Notice that we use the term “investigation” and not “testing” or “sampling.”  Where other inspectors will rely heavily on expensive samples that can be unnecessary, misintepreted, or inconclusive, we will do a more forensic investigation to determine if there is really mold present inside your walls or ceilings.  This also avoids you having to call for a remdiator to find out if mold is really present, a common practice, which is a huge conflict of interest.  Also, we address causation – something missing from almost every other inspector’s reports.  And, if it makes sense for your investigation to include air or surface samples, of course we collect those too.

We are independent and non-biased. We only do investigaitons and not remediation, avoiding a conflict of interest.  We do not accept any compensation of any mold remediation firms or contractors.  We follow the AIHA Code of Ethics which is stricter than those for most mold inspectors.

We are fully insured for general liability and professional liability.

There’s a lot of hype and misinformation about mold, designed to scare people into spending money unnecesarily.  We are the antidote.  To learn more about mold services and separate fact from fiction, see our Mold Fact Sheet.

We have extensive experience and education and provide a higher degree of expertise than most “Certified Mold Inspectors.” Click here to see Why We’re Better.  

What Happens During the Investigation Process?

Every case is different, but in general investigations consist of some or all of the following:

  • Understanding the history and construction type of the building,
  • Doing a physical (visual) investigation for suspect areas.
  • Taking building materials moisture measurements. This may include infrared thermography (see The Mold Gallery for a sample image).
  • Collection of air and surface mold samples as needed.  Often we save money by taking less samples than other inspectors do.
  • Intrusive investigation of wall and/or ceiling cavities in suspect areas when needed, via cutting holes or video borescope may be required.
  • Client’s choice of report styles: no report, brief email, or Summary Report.

Sample of a Summary Report

Sample of a Post-Remediation Report

What Do Mold Investigaitons Cost? 

We regularly compare our prices to both Certified Mold Inspectors (non-degreed) as well as similarly qualified professionals (degreed Certified Industrial Hygienists), and are confident that our prices are competitive, and offer the best bang for the buck.

By taking less samples, we save Clients money.

By giving customers what choice of report style (verbal, quick email, or formal written report) they need for thier unique situation, we are often able to charge less to get the job done.

By limiting remediation work to specific areas, and getting to the true bottom of the problem, we save Clients literally thousands of dollars.

GHSC’s Current Mold Investigation Price List

For further discussion or to schedule an investigation appointment, please contact our offices at

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